Friday, August 6, 2010

Swagbucks are AWESOME!! - Link at the top of this blog - get 30 sign up points!

Swagbucks is my favorite internet free money makers, I just had to share again.  Please understand this is NOT a 'get rich quick' type thing, but if you sign up & use it you will earn free gift cards, prizes or even cash (whatever you choose from the 'swagstore') . 

First off  - THEY DO NOT SPAM - they don't sell or share your info in any way.

Swagbucks is a great search Engine.  You can use it the same way you use Google or Yahoo. Why would you switch from your bigger & more well known search engine? Well - because you will get comparable results and you will be rewarded for using it! During searches you will randomly 'win' swagbucks - easy as that! With those 'bucks' you can buy cool stuff in the Swagstore.

Refer friends and you EARN POINTS WHEN THEY EARN POINTS! I waited a while before I referred anyone (again, fearful of spam & I didn’t want to be that friend who got everyone spammed out of their mind), once I realized it was legitimate, I started referring people and have earned with those who signed up, AWESOME!!! Do what I did, sign up for yourself (click the link here to check it out and sign up!) – once you see how it works refer your friends. Click the link at the top.

If you use the 'Facebook Connect' it will share on your homepage when you win - this will help you get more referrals! So easy!

-  the EASIEST is to install the tool bar and use it for all of your searches (think of it as your new google) - You can easily earn 10+ in a search - I usually 'win' several times a day!
- make sure to log in your birthday for 50 points on your birthday! These will be awarded automatically!
- go to the 'Special Offer's tab on the left side column - click on the 'view our no obligation offers' - just go through the offers quickly - 'skip' 'skip' 'skip' - it takes me about 10 seconds - you can do it everyday once a day & you will be rewarded with 1 - 2 swagbucks every time.
- just opening your swagbucks homepage will get you 1 - 2 everyday too!
- Daily Polls can be done once a day (left side column) - one question = 1 - 2 swagbucks everyday
- There is also a facebook fan group that can help you earn with codes.   Just don't post codes on your facebook! You can alert people that they are there - but don't post the actual code.
- Check out the 'Swidget' at the bottom right of my blog - often times there are free codes there - just copy and paste for free bucks!
-Honestly 99% of mine come just from searching, I guess I could earn more the other way, but it adds up pretty fast just by searching!  Enjoy!

You will not get RICH! But hey - you could win some free gift cards (or other prizes) every month just for using a new search engine - fun right??

If you use this as your search engine you could easily earn one or two $5 gift cards (or other prizes) each month - if you refer friends you could earn quite a bit more!  Pretty nice for doing something you do anyway! I am saving our Amazon gift cards for what we hope will be FREE CHRISTMAS in our house!

Sign up today! I post hints on where to get codes often on facebook and here! Earn with me!

Enjoy ~