Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why I love Freecycle!

If you haven't checked out yet click here to find a group in your city.

I LOVE Freecycle!

We have found happy homes for a few things we weren't using anymore - a bathroom mirror, wine corks, hand me down kids clothes, etc. People come to your house and pick it up! We are big advocates of donating to charities, but some things charities are not able to take, or simply won't sell in their thrift stores, freecycle is a great way to keep stuff out of landfills and help save others a few dollars.

We have also been fortunate enough to receive all kinds of free items on Some of the things we have been given ~ a train table (no train, but we already had that), crate & barrel champagne flutes, books, fabric (I'm made the kids pajamas - ok, mymom made the kids pajamas and I 'helped'), scrapbooking supplies, and more!

You can even request an item! My husband was looking for a weight set - he posted an ad & viola - we found someone looking to get rid of some weights - awesome! He saved what he would have spent on weights & he was actually thanked when he picked them up! Go figure!

It is so easy to become a member. Go to, find the group in your city and ask to join. It is free! Once you sign up you will recieve emails about items available if you are the first to email - you get it! If you see an item 'wanted' that you have and you want to get rid of it - you can email back to offer. It is always good manners to offer something first.

Check it out!