Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Travelzoo.com is rad

I just wanted to plug one of my favorite sites.  Travel Zoo has great info on travel deals.  It is a bit cheesier than Priceline, Orbits, etc - but their deals are the BEST - I have compared them side by side & they are consistently better.

My favorite page is 'last minute deals' - they have several tabs based on several popular cities.  You can find lots of last minute deals from hotels to cruises, to airfare on Los Angeles/So California.  Click Here for their last minute deals!

An example (this was a couple years back - dont look for it now =)) - we booked a suite at La Costa Resort & Spa for $70 a night (normally $350!!) - it was amazing - the best part of it was we passed a Motel 6 on the way & their sign advertised their nightly rate was $72.99 for 1 person - we felt sorry for everyone staying in Motel 6 that night knowing we had spent less and stayed in such a beautiful place. 

Check out Travel Zoo today!

Enjoy ~