Friday, January 1, 2010

it's back! the 7th generation FREE SAMPLE link!

hey all ~

there is a rotating ad on our blog - I have noticed the 7th generation Laundry Detergant Sample is running again! yay! I know sometimes we don't look at ads in blogs, but often times ours have free samples, so they are always worth glancing at.

the 7th Generation ad is a green ad w/ a pic of the det bottle, if you don't see it yet, it is a rotating ad, so check back later, or just hang out on the 1st page for a while - it has a clickable link for a free sample mailed right to your mailbox.  We got a sample in the mail about 2 weeks ago - it is a great product!

Anyway, thought you may want the heads up =)

Enjoy ~