Friday, October 29, 2010

Remember Friday is 'Mega Swagbucks' day! Remember to sign up for 30 free bucks!

Repost! Seriously - this is such an easy way to add just a little more into your budget!  No spam, no extra work - just a few free gift cards (or other swag!) - easy peasy! 

Swagbucks is one of the only internet 'freebie' programs I endorse, and if you haven't already checked it out, read my MUCH LONGER entry on them on this blog.  If you are already signed up remember that Friday is MEGA SWAGBUCKS day.  You really should use Swagbucks for your searches everyday to 'win' points, but Friday's are the BEST - they are far more generous with their wins and the amount you can win each time - 100 in one hit sometimes! NICE!  Sign up here on my blog to get started if you haven't already, they will start you off with 30 FREE bonus sign up bucks!
Click Here To Get Started!

Click the link if you want to sign up & start earning today. You won't get rich, but you will earn free gift cards & prizes for what you do anyway!

I'm saving the gift cards I earn on Swagbucks to use for 'free' Christmas - imagine that?!

Enjoy ~


  1. I am a little confused with how it works..where do i sign up for and what do i do next?

  2. hi! you can click the link that says 'swagbucks' in blue on the entry & you just sign up w/ your email. there are TONS of ways to earn sb, but the easiest is just to use it as your search engine instead of 'google', etc - you will randomly 'win' sb - they add up & then you can buy stuff w/ it in the 'swagstore' - my favorite is the amazon & starbucks gift cards, but there is other stuff - i 'search' even when i know where I am going (instead of using a favorites menu) - it takes a couple extra seconds but today I 'won' 33 sb just for typing in 'ebay' instead of using my favorites menu - so easy! you wont get rich, but you'll earn a few freebies every month & they do not spam at all! check out my super long entry about sb by using the 'search this blog' feature on the left =)


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