Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WonTon Wednesday! 25 cent WonTons at Pick Up Stix!

click here to check out the add for WonTon Wednesday at Pick Up Stix - no coupon required. You must buy at least two - but there is no max stated and there is no purchase of a meal required.

Now I am not suggesting you make a meal out of 25 cent WonTons - but the option is there...

Click here for other great coupons for Pick Up Stix - these say they cannot be combined with any other offer - not sure if that applies to WonTon Wednesday - but it might.

*Update!* reader Lisa just emailed me to let me know that she always uses the $5 off coupon on Wonton Wednesday! She buys four 'Dragon Deals' meals along with 16 Won Tons & the whole family eats for less than $20 - yum! - Thanks for the tip Lisa!!

We LOVE Pick Up Stix - but we NEVER go without a coupon - it's just silly not to in our opinion...

Enjoy ~

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