Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Pass Ever ~ presale for San Diego Fair (I still call it the Del Mar Fair)

check out this awesome deal $22 for a season pass to the San Diego Fair.  (side note, show of hands, who still calls it the Del Mar Fair?)

that is right - $22 and you can go any day you want - what?! pretty good deal, but they need to be preordered, even if you only go twice it is a great deal!

This year's theme is 'Taste the Fun' - can you imagine the fun, weird food they are gonna come up with this year?? 

Preorder yours today!

Also - kids can earn a free fair ticket - check out your local library for details!

Kid's don't want to earn their tix with reading? You can also bring kiddos to the fair for free on Tuesdays! nice!

Enjoy ~

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