Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pampers Village: Connect with real parents like you! - NEW 50 Point Code!

"Pampers Village is a fun rewards program for those of you with kiddos in diapers! There are tons of codes and they add up to fun things ~ everything from free cheerios to toys to snapfish products!"
On Pampers Village, you can share tips, support, and experiences with real parents like you. You’ll discover more about parenthood through articles, videos, and online tools, and receive offers, samples, and coupons!
I LOVE Pamper's Village - silly right? My kids have been out of diapers (and even pull ups) for over a year! This is my favorite diaper rewards program (over Huggies) because the points can be used to buy stuff (unlike Huggies which you use for sweepstakes - waste of time in my opinion b/c you may or may not win - most likely not).  Pamper's Village has LOTS of free codes you can find on the internet & facebook without even purchasing diapers (which is why i still participate) - but if you do purchase pampers diapers they add up even more quickly!  You can 'buy' lots of different things - Snapfish books, Starbucks gift cards, Seaworld tickets and more!

Sign up now - this is one of those perfect 'every little bit adds up' type of programs - you won't get rich, but it helps stretch a dollar!

We are going to buy toys & photos for Christmas presents - Pamper's rewards = free presents = less holiday stress! Sign me up!


JOINNOW4REWARDS - 50 points!

I believe these codes are all still good ~


GTG5FREEPTS0810  (5 points)
WELCOME2PAMPERS  (50 points)
- just enter them into your account - there are always TONS of these points  no purchase necessary! If you haven't signed up already - click the link above and get started today with this fun bonus!
Enjoy ~

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