Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Airfare Surcharge - *sigh*

So one thing that really frustrates me about air travel is that a flight has a price of $X - but it inflates by about $100 once you add in all the different taxes & surcharges - ie baggage fees (remember there was a time when you could travel with two checked bags and one carry on & it was fine - now they charge for even ONE checked bag to come along - ugh!)

NOW they have the nerve to charge a $10 - $30 peek summer travel days surcharge - so frustrating - the rates of course are higher during that time, which is totally understandable - but then they tack on another $30 - boooo!

Well let the airlines here me when I say - that was the final nail in the coffin of our family's summer vacation plans (honestly we planned a 'stay cation' anyway - but if there was any doubt - it has been erased)

If you are planning a summer vacation you may want to know that Southwest and JetBlue have not (yet) jumped on the summer surcharge bandwagon - their rates tend to be less expensive anyway - so I would check them first!  Also Southwest & Jetblue do NOT charge for the 1st checked bag - between the summer surcharge & checked bag fees alone this could save your family A LOT!

Remember that going through to get to your website of choice will save you money too! Book directly through Southwest Airlines through ebates & you will get 3% back!  There are also links for Priceline, Travelocity and more! (Pick one that shows you there airline & make sure you get Southwest or Jetblue to avoid those surcharges!)

Enjoy ~

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