Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Vista Strawberry Festival!

So here is my recap of the Vista Strawberry Festival....awesome! Our kids did the 6 & under run which they did GREAT in! My parents did the Vista 5K where both placed in their age group (my mom got 1st place - if you had told her a year ago that she would place in a 5K she would have had you commited)

After that we checked out the fun booths and carnival section.  It was VERY busy, but the weather was amazing and everyone was really nice.  There were lots of 'spinning booths' as my kids call them - pretty much any booth with a promo give away where the kids get to spin for a prize.  They participated in the free Strawberry Pie Eating contest where my son was first declared the winner - but another little girls plate was deemed cleaner (much to his disappointment) - but hey - free pie! For participating they also were awarded free lunch at Rubios certificates - nice!

If you are reading this before 4pm on Sunday May 30th - HURRY over to Vista! It is totally worth it! We would have stayed longer except that kids who just raced in the hot sun and then fill up on strawberry pie apparently have an expiration date.

If you are reading this too late - make sure to get there next year - it was GREAT fun!

Enjoy ~

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