Friday, June 18, 2010

50 Point Code for those of you doing 'Disney Movie Rewards'

Disney Movie Rewards is another easy peasy 'every little bit helps' rewards system we use in our house.  We had several hundred points racked up before we even bought a movie! They give out tons of shareable free codes on the internet and through email! You can also earn points by seeing Disney films, purchasing Disney DVDS or CDS - nice! 

You can use these points to purchase all kinds of cool things in their store (most is free shipping too!) 

I like to share high value free shareable rewards with my readers - if you've got kids (or adults - we don't judge!) that enjoy Disney you should sign up! Free stuff! Just another thing we are using to fill up under the Christmas Tree for free!!

Here is a free 50 point code!

side note & shameless solicitation- if you purchase Disney stuff that has rewards points & you just aren't into rewards programs....would you email me the codes? or if you know me personally - will you save them for me to input myself? Only if you just aren't gonna use them anyway, I thought it doesn't hurt to ask =)

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