Saturday, June 26, 2010

74 cent Flip Flops at - what?! Just a little schooling in using several discount sites at once

A few days ago I let you know that the 'Wholey Moley' Sale was coming up at Old Navy (in store & online) - well it is here!!

Just enter the promo code ONBIG30 at checkout & you will get 30% off - yay!!

One of my favorite sites let me know that certain styles of Old Navy filp flops were marked down to 97 cents - yes!

First I went through (that way I get 2% back on my purchase)

Then I added my flip flops in my bag (97 cents) I looked for some more items, but honestly- nothing was jumping out at me. 

Now again, I do not endorse having store credit cards in general, but I must admit, I do have a Gap Card (which I use for my ebay business/adoption fundraiser and I always pay it off every time) - since I have a silver card I get free shipping no matter what the order is - I entered my free shipping code, also my 30% off code (above) & viola - Old Navy is gonna ship me a pair of flip flops for 74 cents (and Ebates is gonna give me a penny back too LOL - I thought I would buy more, but only got the flip flops!)

I would not endorse just buying the flip flops if you had to pay the $7 shipping rate - but it is just an example of how deep the discounts are on right now - just make sure to go through Ebates first!

Enjoy ~

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