Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cow Appreciation Day July 9th - yay! Mark Your Calendars & start working on your costume!

Start working on your cow costumes now people - because 'Cow Appreciation Day' is coming up at Chick Fil A!  On July 9th - if you go to Chick Fil A dressed like a get a free meal of your choice no purchase necessary - nice!

You can go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (only once....although I am not quite sure how they would monitor 'abuse' ;))

You can also come w/ a cow accessory (ie - cow hat or cow print purse) and get a sandwich (but not a full meal)

Last year we put our kids in all white clothes and taped (yes taped) black paper spots all over them.  We made them 'ears' with a headband & more paper tape and both had yarn tails - we painted spots on their faces too....honestly, i thought they looked more like puppies than cows, but they got their free kids meal along with a balloon and a high five from Mr. Cow.

Get ready!!

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