Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Potty Training Starter Kit from Pampers

First off - thanks to Freebies4Mom for letting me know about this! I get emails from Pampers but still totally missed this one!

Get a Potty Training Kit from Pampers - it comes with cute stickers, a chart and of course a couple free Easy Ups! YES!

Our kids are out of diapers completely but 1) they LOVE the stickers & 2) we are stockpiling for our #3 - at this rate we will have all the diapers they need before they get here (and that is the goal!)

If you have a little one or are expecting one - sign up & save it! Diapers are such terrible budget busters! If you are not expecting or dont have a little one in diapers, remember it is a really fast sign up and you could give it to a friend or donate to a womens shelter, foster care. pregnancy resource center, etc.

Enjoy ~

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