Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last day of 30% off at Gymboree

If you enjoy Gymboree - make sure to head over there today! It is the last day of 30% your entire purchase....but wait - there is more!

Do you get Parents or Family Fun magazines (side note - I get these both for free)

Both usually have coupons for 20% off at Gymboree - and you can combine it with the sale!

I love Gymboree - but my M.O. is to wait for a sale like this, have a 20% coupon AND I always head to the clearance rack (that often has a few items marked down as much as 80% already)

- can we say raw silk dress originally $59 for $11? - yes we can - it's happened to me - what has your best deal been?


  1. Do you know which parents magazine has the gymboree coupon in it?

  2. i honestly havent checked the last one - but there seems to be a coupon in nearly every parents mag - if you were planning on buying alot - it might be worth buying the 'family fun' at a newstand - i know there is one in this months family fun =)

  3. I got a cute alligator shirt with big wiggly eyes for my little guy for $2 and change. His slurpy cost more than his new shirt.

  4. nice deal claudia! if you want bonus points - try to keep that slurpee off the shirt - if it is still in good condition you could sell it on ebay for more than what you paid for it - nice! my husband jokes that i 'buy low & sell high'


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