Thursday, June 24, 2010

LOTS of big sales going on for the kiddos!

*Gymboree is having its AWESOME Semi Annual Sale right now where they advertise $3.99 and up - here's the kicker though - I have often found things marked down to 99 cents and several things at $2.99!  Combine that with a 20% off coupon (there was just one in Family Fun magazine).  Also make sure to scan your Gymboree rewards card (NOT the credit card - don't get a credit card!! but do get the rewards card! - you'll earn free stuff!) And I think it is still Gymbucks earning time (please email me if it isn't) - buy $50 worth of clothing and get a $25 off a $50 or more purchase in the future - sweet!

* THe Children's Place is also having a crazy awesome sale! Their 'Monster Sale' is a great place to find awesome markdowns too - they also have a rewards program card where you can earn points with each purchase and recieve coupons in the mail.

* Pumpkin Patch (cutest. store. ever.) is also having an 'Up to 50% off' Sale right now - awesome!

*and remember today is the first day of the OLD NAVY sale I spoke about earlier this week - 30% off the entire store as well as online (including clearance!) I personally have noticed that clearance sections in stores are better than online, although not everyone agrees with me there - I highly suggest you check out the store! If you go online make sure to go through to get a little back on your purchase (you can combine Ebates with ANY OTHER coupons/discount! it is just a bonus!)  Not signed up for Ebates? Check the banner at the top of the blog - if your purchase is over $20 you will also get an additional $5 bonus on top of your 2% back - what?! - thanks to Rachelle for letting me know the online sale started today but the store sale does not start until Friday!

*I think these clearance sales are the BEST place to find last seasons clothes in the next size up for little ones - I cannot tell you how many insanely marked down jeans, coats, hats, hoodies, etc I have bought for my kids that they just had to wait a year to wear.  If there is room in the closet buy for the next year - it will literally be less expensive than at Target or even a Thrift Store in some cases if you buy it now!

Happy Shopping!

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