Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Treat Receipt is back at Starbucks!

Yay! It is treat-receipt time at Starbucks!  For those of you who enjoy Starbucks more than once a day - this is gonna save you some bucks.

Save the receipt from your morning purchase and you can get a delicious grande iced beverage of your choice for just $2 anytime after 2pm.

Those of you winning Starbucks gift cards on Swagbucks this is just another way to make those free gift cards go a bit further!

Enjoy ~


  1. These treats receipts are awesome but a trap into spending more money in one day at starbucks... talk about good marketing :-)

  2. i agree! but i know that lots of people go more than once a day anyway - so i thought i would pass it on =)


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