Saturday, July 31, 2010

Excellent Dave Ramsey column about car payments that is keeping me from buying a new car. Patience is a Virtue.

So those of you that know my husband and I know we don't really have any bragging rights with our cars. 

My car is the 'nice' one, its a 2001 Highlander with just under 120,000 miles on it...jealous??

So you can only imagine what my husband drives.

We are debt free (other than our mortgage), we have a little money in the bank, he has a great job, we have a small side business that brings in a little extra, credit in the 800's and this blog (if nothing else) keeps me very prudent when it comes to our finances.

So why on Earth is my poor hard working husband still driving around his very sad car? A few reasons...

1) God love him, he doesn't care what he drives - I am so fortunate to have a husband who doesn't really see the need to impress other people in any monetary way.

2) It has been paid off for over 7 years.

3) It runs.

4) It's reliable - we really don't do anything to it except put in gas & get the oil changed and it just keeps going.

The problem is not my husband, he would drive that silly thing until the wheels fall off.  The problem here is me - I REALLY want a new car. Not new new, just new to me.  He might not care, but I kinda do.

We are committed to paying for our next car cash, it won't be fancy, but it will be an upgrade from what we have.  Some days I do really just want to throw in the towel and just go down and finance something shiny and new.  On days like that I check out

Click Here for the article that reminded me that it is just around the corner and if we are careful we never have to have a car payment ever again!

As they say, Patience is a Virtue.

Enjoy ~

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