Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FREE Backpacks (after rebate) Staples & Office Max Sunday July 25th ~ July 31st

Repost! Remember this offer expires on Saturday!

I just got back from Staples - I bought a very nice back pack to donate to a foster care organization (I picked a more grown up looking design b/c I think older kids get overlooked so I specifically picked a 'big kid' back pack) - it was $19.99 - I already submitted my rebate & look forward to a gift card to Staples in about 4 - 6 weeks - so easy - just like their button).  If you don't have kids in school - please consider taking advantage of this deal to help someone in need, you literally just pay tax and it just takes a few extra minutes out of your day - you can be frugal & charitable - now that is a good feeling!

Here are a couple great opportunities for those of you who need new back packs for the kids....

Staples is advertising a FULL rebate on any backpack in the form of a gift card through their 'Easy Rebate'

OfficeMax is advertising two 'free' backpacks!  They are not exactly free - but you will get 'MaxPerks' bonus rewards in the amount you paid! If you normally shop at Office Max anyway this is a great deal! 
We don't have an Office Max anywhere near us, but for my Temecula area readers you are in luck!

* Just make sure that whever you guy that you buy something that you would have bought anyway and the deal really does work out to 'free' backpacks.*

This deal is only good until July 31st at BOTH stores so hurry! If I find other great 'back to school' deals I will be sure to post - also - if you find something you would like to share please email me at

*Don't have kids in school? Do you still shop at one of these stores anyway? Please consider purchasing a back pack to donate to a charitable organization that helps out kids in need.  It will literally cost you nothing because you will be able to use your rebate as you normally would at these stores.  I am sure there is a student out there who would very much appreciate it! Our kids are not in school yet, but we will be 'purchasing' a backpack at Staples to donate to an organization that helps foster kids.  This is a great way to still impact the community in a small way even if money is tight* Just an idea I thought I could pass along...

Enjoy ~

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