Friday, July 2, 2010

FREE Secret Clinical Strength Deoderant by mail!

Ah Man!! those went quick!! check out the 'other samples' too! Walmart always has lots of samples available - I will let you know when this Secret becomes available again too!

Walmart is one of the best sites for free samples by mail! They always have several free items available and they mail it right to your home!!

Right now (among other things) they are sending out samples of Secret Clinical Strength Deoderant!  These are awesome little travel sized deoderants - literally the exact same thing that so many people would normally pay about $1 for before going on a trip!  Fill out the short form and in a few weeks one will appear in your mailbox!

Tips for freebies by mail

~ ALWAYS use a 'junk' email - just in case! 
~ be patient - sometimes these samples take their sweet time - up to a month or more to make their way to your house - but honestly, I cannot remember a day that we did not have something free in our mailbox.
~ make sure to keep signing up for them - you will find that there are TONS of things & it takes very little time & effort, it seems like nothing but it adds up! We have signed up (and recieved) everything from DVDs to magazines to snacks to shampoo to kids toys to toothpaste- really!

Just know that these little things really add up!

Enjoy ~

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