Monday, July 19, 2010

FREE Smoothie at McDonald's Coupon

This might have been found out too late! But I am hoping it will be a fun surprise for at least a few readers...

Those of you who get the Sunday paper - if you haven't recycled it yet check the Parade Magazine - there is a coupon for a free small Smoothie at McDonalds - no purchase necessary - nice!

I meant to post this all day yesterday & just spaced (it was my mom's bday - I was a bit busy =)) But thank you Jeanette for reminding me!

Also - Jeanette had another great idea! If you normally just purchase the Sunday paper for the coupons and don't have a subscription you can purchase Sunday papers at Dollar Tree for only $1 (normally $1.50) - even the little stuff adds up! Thanks for the great tip Jeanette!

I hope a few people still have their Parade Magazines =)

Enjoy ~

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