Thursday, July 22, 2010

FREE Zumba class at the Poway Library! Friday July 23rd!

A certified Zumba instructor will be teaching at the Poway Branch Library noon on Friday July 23, 2010!

I see free Zumba classes pop up every once in a while at libraries - I know LOTS of people who pay a monthly fee to take Zumba classes, but I am guessing you could take Zumba for free at least a few times a month  if you check out what libraries in your area are offering it - save a few bucks while getting healthy!

Please call for more details on this class - I would imagine you need to register - 858-513-2900

Enjoy ~


  1. Hi
    I was there for Zumba dance today. It was awsome.Thanks for posting the event. They will be 2 other classes for free on august 6th and 20th.

  2. awesome! will they be at the same time?? i would love to post!

  3. They will be there at the same time,noon.


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