Friday, July 2, 2010

My awesome money saving skills = cheap date night!

So my very gracious friend offered to watch our crazy kids so my hubby and I could go out on a date - and here is the breakdown....

Pizza Nova ~ 2 entrees, a beer, a diet coke (we had to buy 2 drinks w/ the coupon) plus a 20% tip on the original price of the bill...... $29.00

Edwards Theatre - 2 adult tickets and a small popcorn..... $7.50

So the grand total to our evening out was a whopping $36.50

spending significantly less than most for the exact same evening.....priceless

*Here is how we did it - it is SO simple! 

We had a coupon mailed to our home (you should always at least glance at 'junk' mail) from Pizza Nova in San Marcos - buy one entree & 2 drinks & get a 2nd entree free.  I want to point out here that we ALWAYS tip a minimum of 15% on the ORIGINAL price of the meal (and usually 20%) - before the discount - I was never a server, but I know that they are taxes on that original price and they essentially do the same amount of work so PLEASE know that while we are extremely frugal - we always tip well & would like to encourage others to do the same!

We then went to Edwards with one free ticket (earned w/ Regal Crown Club) and a coupon from the Entertainment book for a $7.50 ticket - nice! We of course swipped our Regal Crown Club card again & wouldn't you know it - out pops a FREE POPCORN (no purchase necessary) coupon - YES!

Seriously - that is easy right? Coupons & discount club cards - that's it!

PS -we saw 'Knight & Day' - cute & ridiculous - certainly worth our $7.50....

Enjoy ~

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