Thursday, July 1, 2010

Old Navy is doing it again ~ $1 flip flops - July 3rd only

Old Navy is doing it again ~ $1 flip flop day is Saturday July 3rd - these one day only sales are always REALLY busy!  I suggest you call your Old Navy store & ask if they are opening early - and then get there as early as possible!

Keep in mind if you get there and they are out of the size/color you want - get ANYTHING & then exchange a day or two later once they have restocked - totally within the rules & you still get to take advantage of the deal!

Click here for more details * Please note you have to print out the coupon to get them for $1 - make sure to read the link for details =)* Thanks Kimberly for reminding me that it needs to be printed out.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Don't forget you have to print the Facebook page this time to get the $1 flip flops!


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