Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RIP ~ My Computer

So let's just say yesterday did not go as expected....To top it all off, this morning my husband delivered the unfortunate news that last night; in her sleep my trusty old computer kicked the bucket.

I mean, she was old and my husband the skilled computer doctor that he is (one of his many hats) kept her alive as long as possible.  We thought a last ditch effort yesterday to prolong her life might buy her a couple weeks, apparently we were wrong. So it wasn't exactly a shock, but it sure does mess with your life when a computer dies.

Why am I blogging about this you ask? A couple reasons - one, I just kinda wanted to tell someone - so thank you for listening. 

Two to remind everyone that it is important to back up your computer! 'My' computer was our home computer - so it didn't have my husband's important work stuff on it - but it did have ALL our family pictures and lots of other information including LOTS of research for my hobby (this blog) that is truly months worth of 'research'.  I am happy to let you know that while we will probably be able to extract everything from our dead computer it doesn't really matter because everything is backed up.

Three - I'm gonna work a Dave Ramsey plug in here.  Last time our computer died unexpectedly we paid for it the way most pay for unexpected but immediate expenses - American Express.  And because we paid for it with a credit card we stressed and argued about it.  Not because we didn't have the credit, but mainly because we just didn't like the idea of adding to the credit card.  It's totally normal, but it was stressful.  We aren't stressing this time - why? Because we have for the last 8 months been putting money into a virtual 'office envelope' and very likely have more than enough for a new laptop for me.  So I will actually get an upgrade from the dinosaur computer I was using and it won't effect our finances at all. Even if that amount doesn't cover it completely we also have a 'misc' envelope and the ever important 'emergency fund'.  One way or another it is not going on a credit card.  This is the first real unexpected major expense we have encountered since embarking on our new debt free lifestyle.  It's is upsetting that my computer died, but not because it is gonna cost several hundred dollars to replace.  That last sentence is a very cool one to say and mean.  Check out http://www.daveramsey.com/ - I'm not saying his ideas are unique or unheard of - he just packages it well and we really like it. 

Give your computer a hug today,

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