Thursday, July 29, 2010

SpaFinder Gift Cards at Costco ~ saves you money!

I thought a few of you ladies might enjoy this hot tip! Check and see if your hair stylist, spa, nail salon, etc accepts Spa Finder gift cards.  If you aren't married to your beauty provider see if you can find one that DOES accept Spa Finder gift cards (hundreds do!).

My hair stylist recently moved to San Francisco so I found myself searching....I had several people send recommendations.  While checking websites I noticed that one in my price range also accepted 'Spa Finder' gift cards.  I have noticed these gift cards at Costco - 'Yay!' this equals a 20% discount (22% if you have the executive membership)!

I highly suggest checking to see if any of your salons accept them! Check out for more information on how they work and then pick up your gift certificates at Costco before you go.  With it being almost standard to color hair, manis & pedis, facials, waxing, etc on a regular basis it could save many San Diego ladies hundreds of dollars a year!

Enjoy ~

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