Monday, August 16, 2010

7 Days of Deals ~ 75% off Art Easel ~ today only from Walgreens

7 Days of Deals is a great way to get LOTS of photo products at a very deep discount and sometimes free!

Yesterday Walgreens offered a FREE 8X10 - today they are offering 75% off a 5X7 Art Easel.  You do have to pay for shipping which brings your cost to about $10.  Not the best deal in my opinion, but if you like the product it is 75% off!

Also - I forgot to mention this yesterday - if this is your first purchase from Walgreen's photo you will also have 25 FREE 4X6 credit in your account!  I helped my mom order her free 8X10 yesterday and the credits were just there! No coupon code needed - so she had an 8X10 and 25 free 4X6's (again - great for the holidays!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow & see what they have discounted too!

Enjoy ~

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