Saturday, August 14, 2010

70 BONUS BUCKS if you sign up for Swagbucks! (normally 30!) bonus good thru 8/15

Repost - this weekend is your last chance at 70 bonus bucks!

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time you have likely heard me talk about Swagbucks!

Swag Bucks has a GREAT 'Back to School' promotion going on right now!  YAY!  That means extra swagbucks for everyone already signed up and a super awesome incentive for those who were considering it!

Everyone has the chance to win five different limited edition back-to-school themed Swag Bucks – snag them all, you’ll earn a 50 Swag Buck bonus! *I have already 'won' four!!*

There is a sale going on in the School Supplies & Cookie's Kids Merchandise too - you can get lots of back to school items for even less swagbucks - so check it out!

They have announced there will be even more codes on Facebook & Twitter - so make sure to keep your eyes there!  I like to alert my facebook fans of special code & where to find them so make sure you 'like' San Diego Deals and Steals while you are there!

If you’re not already searching and winning on Swagbucks, now is the perfect time to join!! Enter the code BackToSchool for 40 bonus bucks during registration.  This is in addition to the automatic 30 bucks you will get for signing up! You will start with 70 Swagbucks!

I LOVE Swagbucks! Join now and you could easily have a few FREE gift cards earned before the holidays! Check out my much longer post about Swagbucks here on San Diego Deals and Steals or feel free to ask questions - they really are so easy (as simple as switching search engine loyalty).

Enjoy ~

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