Friday, August 27, 2010

Cheapest Ice Cream in town!

So, not sure if this is 'blog worthy' but our family was really in need of some ice cream the other day.  I ran through the coupon book in my mind trying to think of the most cost effective way to satisfy our craving.

We have been known to drop nearly $20 at Cold Stone in the past - nothing against Cold Stone - they are AWESOME - but with our new envelope system I just didn't want to spend that much on ice cream.

And then it came to me.....McDonalds has 69 cents cones!  Now we didn't get a variety of mix ins - but it was actually quite a bit healthier than what we would have bought at Cold Stone and it was exactly what we were craving.

Mommy & the kids all got in and out of McDonald's for less than $3 - very budget friendly and the kid's were super excited about the 'special treat'.

Again - not sure if it is blogworthy, but I wanted to share.  It is very hot out there!

Enjoy ~

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