Monday, August 2, 2010

Kidsville Playtown is so fun!

Kidsville Playtown is open for business in the Carlsbad mall. We checked it out last week and our kids have found their new favorite hangout! It is an adorable little kid's sized town with all the trimmings.

My little girl spent at least an hour in the dress up theater putting on shows.  My son ran from little house to little house, he loved it all - but his favorite was the fire station.  There is a grocery store, an old fashioned soda shop, work shop, doctor's office, kitchen, a castle and so much more.

Admission is $10 for the first child (walking to 10 years) - 2nd child is $6
Non-Walkers are FREE with a paid sibling or $5

One thing that I really appreciate about Kidsville Playtown is that they will allow you to bring in your own food - it is SO GREAT for us! My three year old 'needs' to eat like every twenty minutes and I absolutely love that I can simply bring him some snacks.  They even let us pop in and out for lunch - we grabbed some lunch and we were able to bring it back to eat at their little lunch tables.  You could really play there all day!

My son was SO EXCITED when we saw their party room - he is really campaigning for a birthday party at Kidsville.  There are lots of great options for a Kidsville birthday party.  The set up is adorable and the staff is so great. Our family really appreciated the pirate party and princess party birthday party they set up for us to see. 

Check out their site for details about 3 & 6 month memberships (great discounts!)

Kidsville Playtown is located in the Carlsbad mall - top level (where Onami used to be)

2525 El Camino Real Suite 200

call 760-730-9022 or check out for more details!

I hope to run into you there!

Enjoy ~


  1. We went to a birthday this past weekend at the Carlsbad location and although the place is a blast for the kids, I found that the staff was rude and not very customer friendly. They didn't seem to know how to deal with our questions when asked what the protocol was when we arrived for the birthday party (it was our first time). They just assumed we knew what to do and were busy chatting amongst themselves.
    I also didn't like the fact that any person can walk in off the street and have access to the place. There's NO security whatsoever. Additionally, they have the infant's section located by the front door, in which anyone can walk in and pluck up a child easily. I would not recommend using the "drop and shop" feature that they offer because the staff doesn't seem to be aware of what's going on. You definitely have to accompany your child at all times to keep them safe.
    I also noticed that even though they keep the door to the play area closed, it's not locked. There were too many people there and everytime that door opened I noticed how some of the infants (located by the door in the front area) would easily slip out. Thankfully, their parents were right there, but it's still a concern. I also believe that they should have one birthday party at a time to provide crowd control as well. Take this for what it's worth.

  2. wow! good to know - It is a fairly new location so maybe they will work out the issues - I actually have a great network with the owner and she is very happy to hear suggestions/concerns - i will forward this info for sure!



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