Monday, November 1, 2010

Corey Villicana Photography

Just FYI - 'Life with Little Ones Photography' is now Corey Villicana Photography - if you are planning on having family portraits done for the holidays I HIGHLY suggest booking quickly! She is talented, professional, and her rates cannot be beat!  Check out some of her lovely work below.....

We recently had our family portraits taken by Corey Villicana of Life With Little Ones Photography and we are SO HAPPY with the results! She was simply amazing with my not always so willing models.  There are so many freelance family photographers today but but Corey is truly an artist. To top it all off her rates are so affordable! Please check out her website  read her introduction, as she writes far more eloquently than I do anyway.....Enjoy ~

Hello. My name is Corey Villicana. 
I am the photographer behind the camera at
I 'm a huge fan of photography, I have been for as long as I can remember. 
Some of my earliest childhood memories involve my father with his Nikon 35mm in hand.  He would follow my sister and I throughout our day, capturing our most quiet and obscure moments right along with our loudest and most exciting.  I first learned from watching him. And then started practicing. My camera did, and does come with me everywhere that I go; my eye to the lense, reading light and capturing spirits.    
Having two little boys of my own has been my muse. 
Once they were born, I knew that the photographs I took of them served as more than a moments enjoyment, rather a lasting documentation of their childhood.
  The images that I have of my boys are pure treasure.

When I decided to take Life With Little Ones Photography and turn it into a business, I thought first of what I would want as a mother of young children, looking to have her family photographed.

I knew first that I would need it to be reasonably priced, so that the cost of the session didn't interfere with the excitement and happiness that the images would bring. 
I knew that I would want a quick processing time so that I could have the images within days of the session.
And lastly, I knew that I would want flexibility and leniency in reproducing and enlarging of the images.
This has become the way of business at Life With Little Ones Photography.
All of this for you.

A session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and will be held at a predetermined outdoor location. Length of time may vary depending on the number of people being photographed during the session. Late afternoon or early evening light is the best to work in and will be highly suggested for a successful session.

Session fee
An $150.00 sitting fee covers both my time and talent. This fee also includes full access to the pre-selected, edited images from the session.

All of the pre-selected, edited images will be made available to you on CD and included in the price of your sitting fee. You will be welcome to print and enlarge freely without limitations or restrictions. A sneak peek of your session will be posted to this website for your immediate viewing.

For more information, about Corey Villicana and Life With Little Ones Photography,
 please visit

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