Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please spread the word about San Diego Deals and Steals!

Hi friends!

I am having so much fun blogging about deals in San Diego! While I was always frugal before it feels as if this blog has really helped me take it up a notch in our own everyday lives.  Thank you so much for reading, commenting, sending your suggestions, and for sharing!

It really helps me out when you share!  And of course it helps your friends and family to know about some of the great deals I post about.

* If you are a subscriber ~ please forward your daily email to anyone you think may enjoy it!  You can forward it right into friends and families email boxes (don't worry, I will not spam or send them anything else!). 

* Follow me on Facebook and suggest to friends there too! I post links from the site but also special tips that are NOT on the blog too, this is where I often post hints about Swagbucks and also exclusive Facebook freebies.  It is also a great place for you to share your hot tips! - check out what over 550 fans are buzzing about! When we hit 600 we will have another exclusive facebook Starbuck's giveaway! Quick - invite your friends!

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* There is also a share button at the bottom of every post - you can email or share on various social networks.  I consider it such a compliment when I see my posts being shared on other people's facebook, twitter, etc - I would LOVE for more people to know about San Diego Deals and Steals!

* Also - if you have a business in San Diego and would like to network please email me!  Blog advertising can be extremely cost effective and if your target audience is local families - you have found a great place to advertise! Email me today!

Thanks again for reading and sharing!!

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