Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Shop it to Me!' - seriously the BEST way to find a great deal on what you want!

*rerun* - but this is such an easy referral program I just had to share again - you save $$ and you can earn free gift cards just for sharing! *sign up and share (via email, facebook, etc) and you could EASILY earn a gift card or two before the holidays! You don't even have to buy something - you just need to be signed up for the email!
Shop it to Me!  is one of my favorite online shopping tools and I want to share it with everyone here too.

How much do you hate when you get an email from your favorite store about a deep discount sale only to find that everything is in a size you don't even fit into - booooo!

Shop it to Me is great because it only emails you exactly what you want

- there are hundreds of clothing retailers (everything from Old Navy to Valentino)- you click on the retailers you want to hear about

- you choose your price ceiling (mine's set at $80)

-you choose the minimum discount you want to see (mine's set at 70% or more!)

- you pick the sizes you want to see -so it only emails you if your size is available (my favorite feature!)

- you pick how often you get an email! daily, twice a week,weekly - whatever works for you!

 I LOVE that they pretty much do all the weeding through for me - it's great! I highly suggest checking it out!

Happy Shopping!

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