Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DOUBLE CASH BACK 'Fall into savings' Use everytime you shop online! You'll get a 'big fat check'

*I know I just posted this - but MANY retailers are offering even more back with the 'Fall into Double Cash' Bonus savings!! example - Old Navy normally offers only 2% back - but now is offering 8%, Groupon was offering 3% back & now is offering 6% - etc - check out your favorite online retailer and see what additional savings you could be getting! is my favorite online rebate.  If you shop online at all you really should check it out!  There are thousands of retailers who partner with Ebates.  Cash back ranges from 1% - 30%.

It is simple - when you want to shop simply sign into your Ebates account then search the retailer you were going to and shop - it is that easy! Each retailer shows how much cash back they offer.  What I LOVE about Ebates is that it is COMPLETELY COMBINABLE.

I have heard people say 'Oh I am not going to use it because I have a coupon code for the site that is better.' - You can use your coupon codes, gift cards, anything you want - Ebates is just a bonus!

Nearly every store you can think of is on Ebates! We get cash back when we purchase on Ebay and The Children's Place, when we booked flights & hotels on Hotwire, Travelocity, and Priceline, we even got 30% back when we bought our discounted Entertainment book - it all adds up!  They do NOT spam - you get one email each day and they never sell or share your info.

If you do ANY shopping online at all you are throwing money away by not taking advantage!  Sign up now and you could even get a 'big fat check' before Christmas! They send out checks in November - perfect timing! will also give you a $5 BONUS with your first purchase (that is in addition to whatever your percentage back is!)

Seriously - sign up today and make sure to use it every time!  We deposit our 'big fat check' into our adoption fund account (ours is generally less than $100 - but it all adds up!) - what would you do with free money??

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