Monday, September 27, 2010

Use Swagbucks to save for the holidays! Start Now!

Do you have a Christmas / holiday 'envelope' in your budget?  No? Well that is a problem because you are probably going to spend some money.  This is literally the first year in our marriage that we have had money go into the bank specifically earmarked for holiday spending.  I highly suggest it.  Since we have a finite amount we are willing to spend I make that amount go further with LOTS of online incentive programs.  My favorite is Swagbucks.

I use the Swagbucks search engine instead of Google/ Yahoo/ Bing - etc because Swagbucks rewards me for using their search engine.  I randomly win 'swagbucks' - those swagbucks add up and I can buy LOTS of things in the 'Swagstore' with them.

I personally LOVE the Starbucks, Amazon and Paypal gift cards.  These gift cards do not expire, you can combine them, there is no minimum purchase amount  - you can even use them for shipping (it is a true gift card).  They also have gift cards to The Disney Store, Target, Southwest, and many others.  You can also use your swagbucks to purchase everything from books and magazines to clothes and school supplies!

It is so simple - sign up HERE to get started- they will start you out with 30 'bucks'.  Make Swagbucks your homepage & search with it every time - you will get comparable results as with Google but you will get a little something extra.

They of course have a referral program - once you see how it works - invite your friends & you will earn points when they earn points! You can earn up to 1000 'bucks' with every referral!

I promise they do NOT spam, it is totally legit! You will NOT get rich, but start earning now and you will easily have several free gift cards waiting to help stretch your holiday budget when December rolls around or to use right away!

Check out the site and you will see there are lots of additional ways to earn 'bucks' too! When there are FREE codes available I will leave hints on my Facebook page (you are NOT allowed to share the actual code, but you can give hints).  You can also earn by shopping online, trading in recyclables, simply answering the 'Daily Poll', and more! Make sure to enter your birthday and you will automatically be credited 50 bucks on your birthday! Honestly most of mine come from searches. I use Swagbucks instead of a favorites menu - I even use it to come here to San Diego Deals and Steals!

There are TONS of free rewards programs out there - some work - some don't - some spam - some don't.

Swagbucks works, it is cheesy looking, but it is not a scam & you will earn points if you use it.  I highly endorse this program!  I've been using Swagbucks for over a year and I think they are great!

Join Swagbucks TODAY - HERE! 

Enjoy ~

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