Monday, September 6, 2010

$10 for a 20 page photo book from Shutterfly - only with Groupon - remember to go through Ebates first!!

Today's Groupon is AWESOME!  CLICK HERE FOR TODAYS DEAL!  Today only you can buy a 8X8 hard cover photo book from Shutterfly for only $10! This is a $30 value!  We LOVE Shutterfly photo books and have several.  They are great quality and they ship very quickly. 

I will personally be taking advantage of this Groupon! This is an awesome discount - these books are great for our family because they are so easy to make and they also make excellent gifts for the grandparents.

WAIT!  Remember to go through FIRST!  Ebates offers you 3% back on your Groupon purchase.  I know that is not much on a $10 purchase - but it all adds up and it will get you into the habit of going through Ebates every time.  If it is your first purchase on Ebates you will also get $5 back - that makes for a ridiculously cheap photobook!!!

If you haven't already - I HIGHLY suggest you sign up for Ebates and Groupon today!

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