Thursday, September 23, 2010

20% off coupon for Spirit Halloween Store & other ideas for cheap costumes

*OOPS* apparently this coupon is no longer valid - sorry!!! But read the other tips below - hopefully you can find a great deal in another way.....

Click Here (NOT) for a printable 20% off coupon good at Spirit Halloween Stores everywhere.  I personally think these stores are kind of a rip off, so if you are gonna go I HIGHLY suggest you bring the coupon!

Other great options for Trick or Treat costumes -

*Have a costume trading party with other friends that have kiddos and swap!




*If your kids are not picky - WAIT - costumes come WAY down in price a few days before Halloween - we bought costumes for $1 at Old Navy last year (literally $1 two days before Halloween- I wondered as I checked out how many people had paid $22.50 for the same costume just a week or two before)


  1. Just so you know...I went to use this coupon today and it came up on their register as an invalid coupon. The manager gave me the 20% off the 2 costumes anyways...(I printed 2 and had my daughter with me to buy the second one)...but for some reason the code was coming up invalid?

  2. ah! thank you for sharing this! Someone else said it worked fine but that was a while back.....maybe it expired? thanks for letting me know - i will update - so sorry! I am glad they gave you the discount anyway =)


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