Saturday, September 11, 2010

80% off at  is a great discount website for many restaurants - you may be surprised to see the restaurants that are listed!  Right now you can get a $25 certificate for only $2 - nice!  Simply enter the code TOUCHDOWN when you check out.  You can only use this special code through 9/13.

This is a great deal - but it does have stipulations.  It is NOT a true gift certificate.  Make sure to read the fine print - generally for a $25 gift certificate you must have a bill of at least $35 and the gift certificate cannot be used for tax or tip.  So really it is a $35 gift certificate on sale for $12 - which I understand it is still a great deal - but I do find it a little gimmicky.

Our family went to beautiful La Jolla on Labor Day weekend and we used a gift certificate for a GREAT discount at Forever Fondue - delicious & a great discount!

I always endorse a great discount but I also like to include that you should always tip on the original price of the bill - 1.  The server is still taxed at the full rate & 2.  The server still essentially did the same work. 

Those of us who use coupons are often not treated as well because servers are used to be being burned by cheapskates.  I highly endorse frugality - I do not endorse being stingy.  I was never a server, but I just really feel strongly that they should not be burned with a coupon.

Enjoy ~

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