Thursday, September 2, 2010

Awesome Picture People Coupon!

Click here for an awesome coupon from The Picture People.  For only $18 you get SIX color portrait sheets!  You can choose any size for your photos (10X13 or smaller)but ALL must be the same pose.  Do you have a Portrait Club Membership? I am sure you are wondering if you can combine this deal and the answer is - YES!

The Picture People are GREAT for fast portraits but I NEVER go in without a coupon and a set amount I am willing to spend.  Those $18 sheets can add up in a hurry and please remember there are so many AWESOME independent photographers that are SO talented and often much less expensive than buying a big package at The Picture People.  That being said - we are gonna take this coupon along with our Portrait Club Membership and get some cute preschool & preK pictures to share with friends and family.  This package would also be great for the holidays! Make sure to send all those distant relatives LOTS of photos this year!


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