Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check out the 99 cents store, $1 store, etc for Halloween decor & more!

I like to remind everyone when any holiday rolls around that you just might be surprised by what you can find at the 99 cents stores and $1 Tree store.

Today we went to the 99 cents store in San Marcos and noticed the gentleman ahead of us purchasing pumpkins, trick or treat bags, and funky orange hats. I also saw lots of other decor and I can only imagine they will have even more selection as we get into October.

Also - don't overlook the $1 bins at craft stores and Target - we often find lots of great holiday accesories and treats in $1 bins! 

With all the marketing being thrown at us you can very easily be talked into spending a ton on every holiday that comes around - I really like to have fun little treats for the kids at the holidays and we always start at the 99 cents store!

Enjoy ~

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