Friday, September 24, 2010

CircleBuzz ~ AWESOME discount at the Pumpkin Station!

Have you checked out CircleBuzz yet?  There is a reason why I have their ad on my page - because they are an awesome online coupon company that is geared specifically towards families in San Diego!

I hope that you check them out every day via the link on our right hand side because I can't write about every deal - but this one I just had to share!

The deal today is for rides at 'The Pumpkin Station' (5 SD Locations) at 50% off!  $15 for 10 rides (normally $30).  This is so great! Rides at these kind of places can really add up and we usually only give our kiddos enough tickets for one or two rides - I can't wait to spoil them with a whole afternoon worth of rides!

Thanks CircleBuzz!!

Enjoy ~

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