Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did you know you can use Groupon credit anywhere?!

Are you on Groupon yet?  I HIGHLY endorse these online one day coupon companies, I really think you should follow every one!

Groupon is of course one of the oldest and largest of these companies and you can purchase a Groupon for MANY different States.  They have a great referral program where you get $10 for the first Groupon purchase made by a friend you referred!  (See why I plug them every week? - I'm hoping you will check it out & if you enjoy it please sign up under me! It really makes my day when I see someone has signed up that week =))

We are using our Groupon referral credits to keep costs down on our family trip to San Francisco this fall.  You can keep this in mind for your future trips or even just use Groupon credits for a family activity or date night right here in San Diego.


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