Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ebates offers 6% of Groupon! (already 50% - 90% off every day!)

Just a quick post to remind everyone that Groupon saves you anywhere from 50% - 90% everyday but you can also save even more by combining it with Ebates - Groupon is one of several new stores working with Ebates and they are (for a limited time) offering 6% cash back - that is on top of your awesome Groupon discount!

Today's Groupon is a GREAT idea for birthdays, a special occasion, or even just to purchase and hold on to until the holidays come around.  Today you can get 63% off at the online store 'The Cravory' - a customizable cookie store with over 950 flavors to choose from!  If you purchase a Groupon for 'The Cravory' today you have until May 2011 to redeem it! This would be a great gift for co-workers or even far away family for the holidays but also might be a great addition to any party you have coming up before May!  I'm considering purchasing them for my husband for Valentine's Day (the key to a great deal is planning WAY in advance ;))  It is a mere $9 - so affordable - and if you have even just one referral credit to your name it will be FREE!

*this is an item that will need to be shipped & of course perishable* the shipping is $12.95 - shipping charges should always be expected for an online retailer on Groupon or anywhere.

Enjoy ~

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