Monday, September 27, 2010

FREE Panda Express for Facebook fans!

Want to sample Panda Express' Kobari Beef?  Check out the Panda Express facebook page
 and print a coupon for your freebie on September 29th.

You can print a coupon for a free entree size Kobari Beef - keep in mind that a plate at Panda Express normally has 2-3 entrees & a side - so this is more like a snack - less like a meal.

You MUST have the coupon - so make sure to print it out.  I'm gonna be honest - I am not a huge fan of Panda Express.  They offer freebies like this several times a year and when we have gone in the employees treat us terribly (even at different locations) - it is weird that a company gives out a coupon and then the employees act as if it is coming out of their pockets and against their will.....that being said - it is free food!

Enjoy ~

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