Friday, September 3, 2010

FREE Subscription to American Baby & Baby Talk Magazine - NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Yay! Two free magazine subscriptions! First off - I NEVER sign up for trial offers where you need to call or mail in to cancel your subscription.  I only sign up for magazines that come for FREE and I do not have to enter any billing information.  You may be surprised by how many magazines will send you free magazines no strings attached - I currently have over 15 magazines that come to the house totally free - no strings attached.

Click Here to sign up for a 6 month subscription of American Baby and a 1 year subscription to Baby Talk. You can sign up for one or both!  I get both of these magazines through this site and I promise they do come! I do HIGHLY suggest using a 'junk email' when signing up for these free magazines - I'm guessing if you don't you will end up on an email list.

Remember when you are done with magazines to give them a second life! Our kids use them for crafts, we donate them to the library or preschool, put them on freecycle, or just save for friends. 

Enjoy ~

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