Sunday, September 26, 2010

FYI - You can still order a 'Tall'

Many of you may have noticed that Starbucks has taken the 'Tall' size off of its menu board.  They said most people ordered larger sizes anyway so they just eliminated it from the board. I think it is just a sneaky trick from a marketing giant personally, but that is just my opinion. They do still allow you to order the smaller size and at the smaller size price - so don't buy more than you were planning on!

So if you normally odered a Tall & were bummed that they didn't have it anymore - just know you still can order a smaller size.

I love Starbucks (don't get me started - I know that as a frugal lady I should just make my own at home and I usually do, but they got me hooked!) - I like to go to Starbucks a couple times a week as a special treat and for cost sake and calorie sake I personally like a smaller size, so I was very happy to know that if you ask you can still get it!

Long live the 'Tall'!

Enjoy ~


  1. Also, put cash onto a starbucks gift card (free) and register it online. You can accrue point for free syrups, drinks, etc :)
    If you already go 1-3 times per week, might as well start getting credit for it like I do, towards free starbucks!

  2. yep - ive got a post indexed about the cool perks of registering - you can also purchase them thru ebates & get a few percentage points back & register them too =)
    of course the best way to get starbucks gift cards is thru swagbucks!


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