Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get your makeup professionally done at the MAC counter for *free*

If you normally buy make up from a department store you really should take advantage of the freebies that come with it.  I personally use a little of everything - MAC, Mary Kay, and good old Maybelline.

Here is a fun little tip - At the MAC counter you can make an appointment to have your make up professionally applied for FREE - well sort of - you still need to purchase $50 worth of product - but if you were going to make a purchase anyway you could take advantage of this fun freebie.  Keep it in mind when you are having photos taken or maybe even just for a date night.  You do not need an appointment but I do highly suggest calling and making an appointment especially if you are planning on going on a weekend.  I have taken advantage of this deal at the MAC counter at Macy*s Carlsbad - but call your location to what specials they offer.

Also - if you purchase MAC makeup - remember to keep your empty containers to recycle - if you bring in 7 MAC empties you will get a FREE lipstick. It takes me a while to get this many - but I have taken advantage of this freebie a few times - works like a charm!

I fully understand one can argue there is less expensive make up options - I just wanted to share that this option exists if you already use this brand. 

Enjoy ~

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