Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Groupon ~ $4 for a $10 credit at New York Bagels & Cafe!

I LOVE it when Groupon (or any internet coupon site really) offers an inexpensive and practical deal!  Today's deal is $10 credit at New York Bagels and Cafe for only $4 - nice deal!  This would make for a very inexpensive breakfast (or two) or lunch!

Remember you can use your referral credits to purchase this Groupon for FREE!  Groupon has an awesome referral program so if you see a Groupon you think a friend might enjoy make sure to share! If a friend buys you get a $10 referral credit to use on a future purchase - sweet deal right?  Keep in mind that Groupon is national and you can use your Groupon credits many times when you travel as well!  We have a few Groupon credits we are using towards our family trip to San Francisco this fall!

Also! Another thing I enjoy about Groupon is that they are on Ebates - sign up for both! When you see a Groupon you want to purchase make sure to take the extra step to go to Groupon through Ebates - you'll get 3% back (this number changes from time to time) - that may not be much for a $4 purchase - but sometimes the daily offer is MUCH more expensive & cash back all adds up!

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