Friday, September 17, 2010

Open House ~ TriCity Wellness Center ~ free activities & discounts 9/18


Tri-City Wellness Center will host its Fall Open House Saturday September 18th 10am - 3pm

They are advertising fun, entertainment, & food for the whole family!  There will be free demonstrations and chair massages (nice).

They are offering 100% off enrollment during the open house *Please see my previous post on gym memberships - seriously - NEVER pay an enrollment fee - it's bogus - every gym from time to time offers a 0 down enrollment special and if you decide to join a gym and they are NOT offering free enrollment you just have to stick to your guns - they will not make you pay an enrollment fee.  Gyms want your monthly fees rather than loosing you to another gym.* That being said - if you aren't the kind that likes to play hardball over fees with a sales person you should make sure to stop by because it is FREE durning the open house.

I personally have not checked out this gym, but it really looks beautiful and if nothing else you can bring the kiddos for some free entertainment!

check out for more information.

Enjoy ~

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