Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quicksilver & Roxy in La Jolla ~ Additional 50% off clearance

Everyone here knows how much I love a clearance sale! Quicksilver & Roxy in La Jolla have a great clearance sale going on right now for Labor Day!  They are taking an additional 50% off all clearance!

I got a very cute hat for $7 and my husband found several tshirts for $6.50 (what?!)

Surf shops can be very expensive but if you hit them when they are trying to clear stuff out it is really silly NOT to shop there.

*just my speculation from this point on* There was not nearly as much clearance here as there has been in the past.  Employees said they were getting tons of product in and while they never know when they will clearance stuff out - they were surprised there was not more stuff on clearance for Labor Day and said it was very possible there would be a far bigger sale this next week...I will be calling & I will keep you posted =)

Happy Labor Day!


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